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Hydromette H 35 koos rammelektroodiga M 18

Tootekood € kmat € kmga Tartu laos Osta
30002105 446.25 535.50 1

The H 35 unit is an electronic wood moisture meter that uses the resistance principle of measurement for precisely measuring sawn timber (up to 180 mm in thickness), chipboards, and veneers. The unit is used for individual measurements before and after processing.
Particularly suited to be used in joiner’s workshops, by parquet reclining or painting contractors.

  • WOOD MOISTURE: 4 to 30% (dry mass)

  • Direct readout of wood moisture in % on the large LCD display, resolution: 0.1%
  • 4-level wood species correction for more than 300 types of wood
  • Housing: 140 [L] x 90 [W] x 42/50 mm [H]
  • M 18 ram-in electrode