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30002020 378.00 453.60 0

The Compact A unit uses the non-destructive dielectric constant or radio frequency principle of measurement and is simply placed onto the material to be measured. Thus many measurements can be performed within a short period of time. The moisture content can be read immediately.
There are no electrodes to be tapped in.
The moisture values can be measured in wood of up to 40 mm in thickness.
Particularly suited for painting, interior fitting, parquet reclining, or cabinet making contractors.

  • WOOD MOISTURE: 5 to 45% (dry mass)

  • Direct readout of wood moisture in wt.-%
  • Measured value correction according to type of wood or wood material from 1 to 10 using the wood type selector
  • Housing: 170 [L] x 35 [W] x 35 mm [H]