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Tootekood € kmat € kmga Tartu laos Osta
30002011 92.40 110.88 1

The Compact S unit is an electronic moisture meter for wood fuels featuring average value calibration for softwood and hardwood as well as a large 3-digit LCD display.
The sensor pins at the top of the meter allow for moisture measurements to be carried out in wood of up to 30 mm in thickness.

  • Environmental protection due to lower emission
  • Protection of oven and chimney due to better combustion
  • Higher energy yield, since the wood is
  • burned in its optimum moisture state
  • WOOD MOISTURE: 10 to 50% (dry mass)

  • Direct readout of wood moisture in %
  • Comes with protective cap
  • Housing: 200 [L] x 35 [W] x 35 mm [H]