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30002010 102.90 123.48 0

The Compact unit is an electronic wood and plaster moisture meter that uses the resistance principle of measurement.
The ergonomically designed housing is enclosed by the entire palm so that the measuring pins at the top of the unit can be pressed into the material to be measured. The slim pins allow the moisture in sawn timber, chipboard, veneers, and wood fibre materials (up to 25 mm in thickness) as well as in regular gypsum or mixed plasters to be measured.
Ideal secondary meter for painting or interior fitting contractors or experienced do-it-yourselfers.

  • WOOD MOISTURE: 5 to 20% (dry mass)
  • STRUCTURAL MOISTURE: 0.3 to 3.5 wt.-% (plaster moisture)

  • 2-level wood species correction
  • Plaster moisture measurement including direct readout in wt.-% on large 3-digit LCD display
  • Comes with protective cap
  • Housing: 200 [L] x 35 [W] x 35 mm [H]